B2B Campaigns

B2B market development

We are specialists in converting decision-making prospects into actual business appointments via a telemarketing campaign, we can provide the most up-to-date prospects lists through our many data partners if needed.

Database marketing

We provide you with targeted campaigns where we can get you essential information from a given market to help you with your sales or marketing plan.

Events invitation

We possess very effective techniques to successfully fill in any special event with the intended invitees.

Telemarketing test

Before you commit to any full telemarketing campaign, we perform telemarketing tests at our offices in order to validate the effectiveness of the full campaign.

Sales campaigns

We can increase your sales among your existing clients via a direct telemarketing sales campaign (this applies for special promotions, product initiations, back orders, etc..)

Updating customers list

We will update your existing customers list through a calling campaign where we can validate and correct existing information like names, addresses, phone numbers, and signal any change or modification in the purchasing process adopted by your customers.

Results guaranteed

We are proud to guarantee the results of your campaign after any telemarketing test; your investment is completely protected.

A marketing strategies evaluation of your enterprise.

This evaluation is free of charge with no obligation on your behalf.

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