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Established by Fadi Sarnouk, Télé M. Conseils inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in telemarketing training, telemarketing project design, customer satisfaction surveys, as well as developing and implementing telemarketing projects. Since 1990, we have been offering our services to the large and middle enterprises in « B2B » business development. We are members of the Direct Marketing and Customers Relations Association.


Our employees are genuine specialists in business to business market development.


Our services are provided in 3 languages, french, English and Spanish, in order to communicate adequately with your clients.


We perform pre-tests at our offices. This validation guarantees the effectiveness of your telemarketing campaign.


We guarantee your campaign results.


We offer you hand on solutions no matter what the demands.


Our accreditation, in our capacity of trainers registered at Emploi-Quebec, makes our programs eligible to expenses admitted in virtue of the law 90 on labor training.

Acquiring a new client costs 5 times more than preserving one heading for renunciation

McGraw-Hill Research


Less expensive than traditional advertising and promotional media.


Allows initiation and increase of sales at a lower cost.

Segmented Markets

Direct access to segmented markets which are difficult to access.

Distant Markets

Access to distant markets at a lower cost.


Immediate measurable results.

A marketing strategies evaluation of your enterprise.

This evaluation is free of charge with no obligation on your behalf.

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